Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 Why Music Producer Interview with Producer , Engineer, Recordin

We listen to lots of great music and forget that it's usually the producer that adds grace, depth and musicality to the raw elements of the musician. So: One producer, Two songs. Either from same album or with different artistes or just cutting tape in their own bedroom without compromise.

Tim G brings us Plini

Plini produces his own songs. He reveals little of himself on his Bandcamp other than: "i write and record music". On his Soundcloud he tells us: "i write music and eat food". I loved his playing on Halycon's Pastures EP, and that's probably where I first encountered him. Here's the two tracks for music club, from his latest album "Other Things":


Ollie dubs Dennis his pick'o'the month


My sacrifice to the god of music club is Dennis Bovell, a  Uk dub pioneer who, in addition to recording his own solid grooves, (under the name Blackbeard) produced the likes of the Slits, Fela Kuti and, er, Bananarama (those bills need paying...). 

I've chosen Reggae Fi Peach, a track he produced for Lynton Kwesi Johnston, an exceptional dub poet whose righteous indignation definitely benefits from the Bovell treatment (rich bass, muted horns, crisp drums).

The other track is "she is beyond good and evil" by The Pop Group, which showcases Bovell's taste for Hendrix-era psychedelic sounds. A full on sonic assault that sounds remarkably contemporary for a track recorded in the early 80s. Enjoy!

Liam flip flops to Andy C 


So at the last minute, I backtracked on my original decision to go with DJ Shadow, and instead decided to submit drum and bass maestro Andy C. The appeal of following up Oliver's dub submission with quality drum n' bass was too much for me, hence the decision to change.

I first discovered Andy C at the 2006 Exit festival in Serbia, where I got a horrifically sick stomach, and ended up spending the whole last day in my tent, in my own porti-loo, or making my way between both. From this vantage 40 minutes from the main stage, I had my first drum and bass experience, and while I can't claim to have been hooked, I did keep an eye on Andy C's progress.

Along with other heavyweights such as Goldie and Roni Size, Andy C has pioneered drum and bass music over the last 15 years. He is a DJ and producer and co-founder of the RAM Recording Studio and has had success remixing the work of high profile artists like Busta Rhymes and Jay-Z.

Christian proffers prolific prog primo, Steven Wilson

Not only is he a craftsman on the guitar, an accomplished singer, the master of the nine minute epic, he also engineers all his own work and produces that of significant others. He has a myriad of bands and side projects he contributes to, plus solo work, which all demonstrate some serious song writing chops. His work is magnificent, textured, swirling, intricate and accessible. This boy thinks things through.

Take my first pick: Normal from the Nil Recurring EP of his Porcupine Tree guise. Melancholy and beautiful in equal measures, a little edgy in places yet strangely familiar choruses and harmonies. 

Second pick: When Swedish death metal outfit with folk and prog proclivities, Opeth, wanted to take it to another level. Who else do you call on, but Steve and his mellotron infused madness? 

Ivan corresponds with Eno

Not only is Eno my favorite producer but also favorite musician by far. This is mainly due to the vast volume of music he has created solo, with so many other musicians and in so many styles - he is such a music slut - who hasn't he worked with? What a glam slapper!

These two songs are from 'Bright Red' done in 1994 by Laurie Anderson and with Eno producing. Both songs they co-wrote and should be played quite loud. If people know Laurie's stuff you can clearly hear how much the producer added in this case.