Sunday, January 13, 2013

The resurrection

 Movie-A-Day #252: Re-Animator (1985). » reanimator

About three years ago, a group of enthusiastic music lovers decided to replicate the ever popular book club format with albums. Even those of us that consider our music taste eclectic and consumption prodigious, a forum that challenges prejudices and opens our ears to new possibilities is essential in not becoming a bore or music snob (who? me!?). It's a great chance to showcase highlights from our beloved burgeoning collections and show-off our in depth knowledge of a genre or artiste - all the way from high pop pomp and circumstance, through esoteric meanderings to downright avant garde navel gazing.

The format consists of pot luck and a few drinks to grease the wheels then: playing two songs from one album after explaining the why's, wherefore's and rationale for bringing said album into the fray. Depending on numbers of protagonists we have, before, increased albums to two per person, but it's tough to digest that amount of sonic roughage and do it justice.

There are heaps of review sites out there that try to provide a guide with subjective stars and ratings; There are plenty of sites and services that use algorithms to mathematically model your propensity to enjoy their suggestions; Leafing through new releases and genres at a CD shop is slowly kicking the bucket; And quality radio with a knowledgeable DJ has a few northern hemisphere bastions;

So, why not just kick back with a few friends, a glass of wine or two and hit the play button?

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